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Yesterday Elke and myself went for a run with Flex. After our warmup lap Elke decided to take an alternative track which was fine by me. We passed a farm were there are 2 jack russels and suddenly one of the 2 dogs attacked Flex, no reason what so ever. I screamed to the jack russel who was a bi impressed and got back to the gate of the farm with his tail between his legs.Tongue out
Laughing a bit with what just happened with Elke we saw people walking with their dog of the leash. I was thinking, call your dog and put the leash on but while thinking this the people entered the gate of their home. After what had just happened 5 minutes ago I was a bit relieved. To soon it would appear because when we passed the gate, it wasn’t closed yet. The dog came running towards Flex and I could see that it wasn’t to say hello. Without delay the dog attacked Flex by grabbing his neck. I immediately starting grabbing the back paws of the other dog and pulled him away from Flex. Meanwhile the owner of the dog came running towards the scene and gave his dog a firm kick with his foot. Not really nesecarry!! There are other ways!
At this point other dog noticed that I was pulling his back paws and wanted to bite my, but I was faster and released the dog. The owner apologized for the behavior of his dog. After a quick check I noticed that Flex was ok mentally and physically.
Not our best run in years, certainly for Flex Sad
Dogs do not have to be on a leash when your taking a walk but to avoid conflicts with other dogs, play save and put on the leash!!