TechEd Berlin 2010 Day 4

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Computer and Internet, Microsoft TechEd

So after yesterday’s party from 1E in the Puro Lounge, which ended by 3h00 AM, I was glad I didn’t plan any breakout session this morning. Do I need say that it was a good party if it ended that late Sarcastic smile. Before getting into the Hands On Labs (HOL) I paid a visit to the stand of E1 in the exhibition hall to thank for the great party last night. Apparently they had a after party which lasted until 5h00 AM so they were pretty tired.
I went to the HOL area and starting some labs around System Center Configuration Manager vNext. I’m not a Configuration Manager guy but would like to develop some general knowledge about it. What I did see is that the collections have been removed from the product. Hopefully I can get to work with this product more in the future.

Time for another breakout session; Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2: Advanced Virtualization Management.  On my way this session I bumped into Alex De Jong. I had Alex as a trainer for SCOM and Hyper-V. He does lots of interviews with speakers here at TechEd, these interviews are posted on TechNet Edge site, definitely worth checking out! Actually he was searching for a guy that has been to 20 editions of TechEd, it wasn’t even called TechEd at that time! Surprised smile
Getting to my next session, I should have known that this would be a session where PowerShell would dominate strongly. When the question was asked who does PowerShell automation for VMM, only 5% of the room raised their hand. For those who do not know this yet, like Exchange and Lync, the SCVMM console runs on top of PowerShell. The SCVMM GUI has a great option which shows you the PowerShell code it wil execute depending on the actions you have chosen. By using this code you have a good starting point to start PS automation. There were some other topics then PS in this session, like SP1 for Windows Server 2008 R2 which brings the Dynamic Memory option. Before you can use this make sure that you upgrade the Integration Services for those VM’s.
It was amazing that not many people in the room know the PRO feature (Performance and Resource Optimization) in SCVMM. That’s really a shame knowing that the PRO tips actually come from the SCVMM management pack in SCOM (yeah, I like SCOM Hot smile). So for those of you who don’t know what PRO is, I’ll explain in short. PRO tips will tell SCVMM to migrate VM’s automatically when a Hyper-V host is under heavy stress, so basically it’s nothing more then dynamic VM’s management for your Hyper-V cluster.
A handy tool is VMM Configuration Analyzer 2008 R2, which is a free and useful tool that you can use the troubleshoot when PRO tips are not being applied.
A best practice tip to take home; if you want to live migrate the VM with SCVMM installed in it and this VM is High Available, use the Cluster Administrator console to Live Migrate this VM. If you should live migrate this VM from within the SCVMM console the behavior is unpredictable.

My last session today was: Under the Hood: What Really Happens During Critical Active Directory Operations. This was an interactive session where admins can ask question towards to speaker who will try to clarify or help the admins out. So I’ll try to give you a overview on some of the covered topics:

  • Forestprep updates the AD shema but it does not change the security rights, so it only add information in the AD .
  • Domainprep does change permissions. In Windows 2003 they changed infact the permissions to secure the AD better by limiting what a anonymous access account can view.
  • Computer accounts that are not used in AD, disable or delete them or join the computer so that the password is changed every 30 days, otherwise this could be a security issue because someone might access your network with this computer account.
  • Automatic site coverage is a mechanism for scenarios were a site does not have a domain controller, a domain controller from a other site will register itself is a domain controller for that site. The mechanism is best on which DC is closest to that site (based on site link cost)

Today no parties, might go out with some peer to grab a meal and a beer and had to bed early, because after the convention is done, we have a 8 hour drive back home.

  1. FRANCOIS Jean-Marc says:

    Do you come back today?

    Happy that Teched was great for you!

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