TechEd Berlin 2010 Day 1

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Computer and Internet

I did not get to go to the TechEd event in Berlin last year but this year I got a green light. Because it was a last minute deal and almost every hotel in the neighborhood was fully booked my colleague and I found a hotel that was more than 6km from the Berlin Messe, where the TechEd event takes place. Also due to the just in time booking we did not go by plane to Berlin and went by the car instead. From Leuven to Berlin is about a 750km drive so after some short stops and lunch at Burger King we arrived in Berlin around 17h30.

First we want to the Messe to register ourselves and get our badge and bag. We noticed earlier on the site that if you go by car to Berlin end enter the center of the city, meaning within the S-bahne which is a subway, you need to get a environmental sticker on the car. This sticker can only be bought at certain points in Berlin. Luckily the information desk helped us out after doing some google-ing, so we went to get this green sticker. We needed to hurry up because the garage were we needed to get this sticker would close at 18h00. After arriving at this garage on 17h59 (really, that sharp :p) we needed to provide some information about the car and the sticker was created. This sticker can cost from 5€ up to 15€ depending on how "bad" your car is to the environment. We came to Berlin with a BMW 525 break with a 2,5l V6 engine in it, so we were thinking like; ok, probably like 15€ since the car has a CO2 emission of 176gr but surprisingly we needed to pay 5€. I guess Germans really do like BMW’s :p

After the sticker was applied behind the windshield we still needed to check into to our hotel. Once in the hotel it was almost 19h30 and we were getting hungry. Quickly unpacked our bags on headed out to some Italian restaurant. Back in the hotel I’ve setup me internet connection and checked my emails and favorite feeds (hey, I was offline the whole day!)

So first day at TechEd, not much done accept getting our badge, we did not see opening the key note session but tomorrow the technical sessions will starts which will certainly get more interesting.


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