Windows 7even, I like!

Posted: May 2, 2009 in Computer and Internet

I’m always excited to try out something new, IT-related or not. But as you might have guessed already from the title, this is IT-related.
Since the first public beta of Windows Seven (build 7000) I’ve installed it on my laptop in dual boot with Windows Vista. At first I was only using Windows 7 at home but after a few weeks I started using the beta-build at work as well. Why you might ask, because I like it!

Lots of people are complaining about the poor performance of Windows Vista and yes, it can be slow sometimes. Well people, wait until you have installed Windows Seven!
Because it’s installed on the same physical machine as my Vista I can compare the performance pretty good. For starters the boot time is almost twice as fast then Vista, and yes all of my software is installed like on the Vista setup. That being said, not only the boot time as much faster, the shutdown is amazingly fast compared to Vista.
The new taskbar has also improved. At first it is a bit of getting used to but very quickly you grow to love it and see the advantage of it. The best feature of the new taskbar is the history of the programs it keep. You can quickly open document, webpage’s and other stuff that you recently used. It’ actually the My Recent Documents combined with starting you application you need. This is very user friendly.

Since yesterday I’ve upgrade to RC1 (build 7100). On my laptop I have a fingerprint reader that I used with my Vista machine but didn’t use it yet in Windows Seven. Your fingerprints can now be managed by Windows out of the box. After scanning some of my fingers I was again surprised with the speed of the OS. Previously in Vista I had to install additional software (from HP on my case) which was really slow, after wiping my finger it could take up to 5 seconds before the fingerprint was approved or not. No with Windows Seven the logon start immediately after wiping my finger.

There are many more new or improved features in Windows Seven, make sure to get your copy and install it. I’m sure you’ll like it within no time 🙂


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